Mississippi Chiropractor Malpractice Lawyers

Mississippi Chiropractor Malpractice Lawyers

Serious help when a professional causes serious injuries

When most people think of malpractice, chiropractic injury does not automatically come to mind. That is partly because chiropractors are not classified as medical doctors, even though they provide chiropractic treatments as an alternative to medical treatment. However, these professionals are licensed under state laws and are required to meet the standard of care in the delivery of their services. When they fail to meet this duty and cause injury, the harmed patient may have a viable claim for monetary damages.

The law office of Merkel & Cocke, P.A. assists individuals injured by chiropractors. We have also been hired by out-of-state law firms to assist with or handle the representation of chiropractic injury victims. Our knowledgeable attorneys understand the lasting physical and psychological pain that can result from this type of professional negligence. With our team approach to legal representation, our clients benefit from more than 200 years of collective legal experience. Call us today if you believe that a chiropractor’s negligence caused your injury.

Cervical manipulation, artery dissection and stroke: what you should know about chiropractic injuries

When individuals seek treatment from a chiropractor, they do so with the expectation that they will feel better following the procedure. Cervical manipulation and adjustment, however, can lead to severe injuries and chronic pain if it is done incorrectly. Chiropractic malpractice can lead to ischemic strokes, brain stem stroke, strokes in the cerebellum, and arterial dissection. Our lawyers provide legal guidance when these incidents occur. We have seen various personal injury cases, resulting from such chiropractor negligence as:

  • Failing to refer a patient for medical care. Chiropractors are supposed to be trained to recognize when their services are or are not appropriate for the patient. Under some circumstances, the proper action is to refer the patient to a physician for medical treatment. If a chiropractor unreasonably fails to recognize the condition or provide a referral, he or she may be liable for resulting injuries endured by the patient.
  • Causing injury to the patient. The care provided by a chiropractor might sometimes be helpful in alleviating some back pain, but when carried out in a negligent manner, it can cause severe and extensive injury, especially when performed in the cervical or neck region. We have successfully handled numerous cases involving chiropractic malpractice leading to strokes, myelopathy (injury to the spinal cord, caused by compression), severe disability and even death.
  • Duty to inform patients of risks. Like medical doctors, chiropractors have a duty to inquire about a patient’s past medical history and recognize conditions that are potentially worsened by chiropractic care. They have a duty to inform patients of known risks, such as the risk of strokes, associated with this treatment. Our investigations have revealed that many chiropractors do not inform their patients of these significant risks. Perhaps this is because they do not want to scare patients away from the treatment methods they were trained in. Whatever the reason, these chiropractors do a great disservice to innocent people, who unknowingly come to them for help. Patients with severe osteoporosis, numbness in their limbs or increased risk of stroke are not appropriate candidates for chiropractic services.

Chiropractors generally carry malpractice insurance. However, as with any other type of insurance, securing compensation from these corporations can be challenging without the assistance of a skilled attorney. Our legal team has a proven track record of standing up to powerful insurance companies and obtaining the monetary rewards our clients need to compensate for necessary medical treatment, lost wages and severe injuries or death.

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