Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

The lawyers you want when a workplace injury occurs

Workplace injuries are extremely common occurrences, particularly in certain industries and settings. From unexpected accidents to the harms caused by regular employment duties, workers can face severe and life-changing injuries. While many injured workers find needed assistance in the workers’ compensation system, some need assistance from skilled attorneys to secure the benefits they are entitled to receive. The lawyers of Merkel & Cocke, P.A. have the knowledge and experience to help the injured workers of Mississippi secure workers’ compensation benefits.

Understanding workers’ compensation in Mississippi

Injuries can occur on the job due to accidents or long-term effects of normal job duties. A construction worker injured in a fall is an example of the former, while a graphic designer who develops carpal tunnel syndrome from extended time at the computer represents the latter.

Workers’ compensation is a benefit system put in place to help injured workers. Injured employees are eligible for workers’ compensation if they are injured on the job or while performing normal job duties, regardless of fault. Benefits call into two categories: medical benefits, which cover their medical expenses, the cost of rehabilitation, and their travel to and from doctors; and wage-loss benefits, which allow you to recover your lost wages while you are recovering from your injury.

If you sustain an injury that leaves you unable to return to your job at all, you may be entitled to three different types of disability benefits. Please note that these are different from Social Security Disability benefits, which are handled at the federal level:

  • Permanent total disability. These benefits are paid to workers who are not expected to recover from a total work-related disability, essentially losing their earning potential.
  • Temporary total disability. These benefits are paid to workers whose injuries make them currently unable to work. They are expected to make full or partial recovery so that they may eventually return to work.
  • Permanent partial disability. These benefits are awarded to workers who can eventually return to work, but whose injuries prevent them from doing the same job, or from earning the same amount of money they had earned pre-injury.

Far too often, potential clients come to us concerned about the insurance company’s failure to pay valid medical bills or the consistently late arrival of their benefits check. Attempts to handle these matters may be met with silence, with adjustors refusing to return calls. If you have experienced any of these challenges, we can help you secure the benefits to which you are entitled.

Is a third party responsible for your workplace injury?

Under some circumstances, a third party may be responsible for the injuries you received at work. For example, a defective tractor may have overturned and resulted in the amputation of your leg. The owner of the leased warehouse where you work may have failed to properly inspect the smoke detectors, causing fire to violently spread. When these types of incidents occur, an experienced attorney can assist you in pursuing a claim against the responsible third party.

These types of cases can prove complex due to the numerous variables and responsible parties that may be involved. Count on our lawyers to provide you with the legal resources to properly investigate the cause of your injuries and obtain compensation for your injuries.

Put the full power of a proven Mississippi law firm to work in your workers’ compensation case

If you believe that you have been wrongfully denied workers’ compensation benefits, our firm can help you receive the compensation you deserve. Rely on the lawyers of Merkel & Cocke to secure compensation for your work-related injuries. From our offices in Jackson and Clarksdale, we also serve injured clients throughout Mississippi, including in Tupelo, Cleveland, Indianola, and throughout the Gulf Coast Region, as well as those in Tennessee and Arkansas. Call us at 662-627-9641 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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