Mississippi Farm Accident Attorneys

Mississippi Farm Accident Lawyers

Competent counsel for farmers, non-employee workers and visitors

Farms and farmers provide a valuable service to our nation, our states and our local communities, but these agricultural workplaces are not immune from accidents and injury. From farm vehicle accidents to employee negligence, there are numerous risks present in a farming environment.

When these incidents occur, the lawyers of Merkel & Cocke, P.A. provide the legal assistance that injured parties need for recovery. Our experienced attorneys understand the unique nature of a farm-related accident. That is why we are the legal team you need when farm accidents cause harm.

What types of injuries can occur on a farm?

Farms can be dangerous places, with various types of accident risks. The legal team of Merkel & Cocke has seen farm accident cases involving the following types of injuries:

  • Failure to provide adequate or safe equipment. Farm workers are most often injured when required to use inadequate or defective equipment to do their jobs. This can lead to liability for the farm owner or even a products liability case.
  • Vehicle accidents. Whether you are hurt on the farm itself while operating a vehicle, sustain an injury because of a defective part, or are struck by another driver on the road, you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Repetitive movement injuries. Farming often requires repetitive measures, which can cause stress injuries over time. Back injuries and carpel tunnel syndrome are common complaints among farm workers. These conditions can become so severe that they leave the worker temporarily or permanently disabled.
  • Exposure to toxic substances. Farmers also use various toxic substances to treat pests that may endanger the crops. Workers may repeatedly come in contact with these pesticides, causing respiratory injuries or rashes through skin exposure. Potential long-term complications include cancer, respiratory complications and brain injury.
  • Livestock injuries. Livestock can be unpredictable, which makes handling them a risky activity. Cleaning, tagging or herding animals can lead to severe injuries, such as broken bones and internal damage. When these incidents occur, our knowledgeable lawyers help workers secure the compensation and benefits they are entitled to receive.

Injured farm workers may be entitled to workers' compensation, as well as third-party compensation under certain circumstances.

Holding farm owners responsible for injuries caused by their negligence

Managing a farm involves numerous responsibilities and a duty to reasonably protect innocent people from preventable accidents. Meeting this duty requires properly hiring and supervising farm workers, especially new or inexperienced workers, as well as providing tools and equipment that are in appropriate working order. Merkel & Cocke also represents workers who sustain injuries related to heavy machinery, defective parts and poorly-maintained working areas.

If a farm-related accident causes injury to a non-employee, the owner may be liable for the harm. The legal theory of “respondent superior” asserts that the employer is responsible for the negligent actions of an employee in the performance of job-related duties. For example, if a farm worker negligently operates a tractor on the roadway and collides with a passenger vehicle, the farm employer may be liable for the injuries.

The Mississippi legal team you can trust for reliable guidance after a farm accident

Comprehensive representation for a farm-related injury requires specific knowledge and skill. At Merkel & Cocke, our legal team has helped numerous individuals injured in farm accidents. From our home office in Clarksdale, we serve injured parties throughout Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. Put our decades of experience to work in your case. Call us at 662-627-9641 or complete our contact form. Your first consultation is free.