Cerebral Palsy

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When physicians make medical errors during the labor and delivery process, they can turn a beautiful moment into a heart-wrenching tragedy. While the most severe cases can prove fatal for the mother and/or child, injuries like cerebral palsy can leave the baby needing a lifetime of expensive medical care and treatments.

The lawyers of Merkel & Cocke, P.A. hold physicians accountable when they injure the most innocent members of our community. Our team has seen the heartbreak and hardship experienced by families when physician negligence causes harm to their newborn. They feel betrayed and often do not understand why the injury occurred. Our compassionate Mississippi cerebral palsy lawyers alleviate that confusion with a thorough investigation into the cause of a baby’s injuries. We then aggressively fight to secure the compensation necessary to cover the child’s future medical expenses. Whether your child was delivered in a large hospital like the North Mississippi Medical Center, Women’s Hospital at River Oaks, or in a small birthing center, we provide the guidance your family can trust.

Understanding the causes of cerebral palsy

When children are born with cerebral palsy, the hospital or doctor may be hesitant to reveal the true cause of this birth injury. In an effort to shield themselves from liability, they may refuse to provide the family with requested medical records or try to convince the family that the condition was unavoidable. Unfortunately, many parents accept this explanation without seeking trusted legal assistance from attorneys.

At Merkel & Cocke, we have the skill and resources to take a comprehensive look into the circumstances before, during, and after the delivery to determine if medical error and negligence occurred. We have seen children whose cerebral palsy was caused by medical errors like:

  • Delayed cesarean sections. When the fetus shows signs of distress, it is vitally important for the physician to take quick and appropriate measures. Every moment of hesitation could mean more time that the fetus is not getting oxygen to the brain.
  • Failing to monitor known medical conditions. Maternal conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure, create a higher risk for cerebral palsy. It is the doctor’s duty to recognize these conditions and adequately monitor them before and during delivery.
  • Inadequate monitoring of the mother during labor. During labor, a mother’s health can change in an instant, placing her and the fetus in serious danger. Doctors and medical staff are tasked with monitoring the mother’s condition in order to quickly identify any complications and address them.

Families rely on their physicians to act in a manner that conforms to industry standards. When doctors fall short of that expectation, we step in to fight for the child’s rights.

Obtaining justice for your child

The medical costs to treat cerebral palsy can reach up to $10 million over the child’s lifetime. Most families do not have the resources to cover these expenses, which is why our team commits ourselves to fighting for a fair and just settlement or verdict.

Cerebral palsy patients may require long-term assistance with walking, eating, and other daily tasks. They may also require specially made medical equipment and extensive rehabilitation. These individuals may additionally have to contend with serious medical conditions, like seizures or impaired mental capacities.

Trust our Mississippi legal team to fight for your child

Do not let medical professionals get away with causing harm to your innocent baby. Secure quality legal services from the reputable attorneys of Merkel & Cocke. We handle cerebral palsy cases throughout Mississippi, including Tupelo, Jackson, Cleveland, Indianola, Clarksdale, and across the Gulf Coast region. We also handle birth injury cases occurring in Tennessee and Arkansas. Call us today at 662-627-9641 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.