TUnusually Cold Weather & Snow Causing Truck Accidents Across the SouthMid-February 2021 has been unusually cold across the South. In Texas, millions of people were without power due to excessive energy demands caused by the cold weather. In Mississippi, which usually sees trace amounts of snow, there were reports of snow accumulations of several inches. The snow and ice are making it extremely difficult for all drivers, including truck drivers, to navigate Mississippi’s roads and highways.

According to the Clarion-Ledger, the Mississippi Department of Transportation spent a full day spreading salt, slag, and said on the state roads.

Recent truck accidents due to the extreme weather

Several truck accidents, including a fatality, were reported due to the cold weather conditions.

Magnolia State Live reported that a tow-truck operator was killed while attending to a vehicle. A driver lost control, according to the Mississippi Highway Patrol, of his vehicle on an icy stretch of I-10 and struck the tow-truck that was helping a vehicle that had already crashed due to the icy highway. The accident happened around 9:20 pm on a Friday. The tow-truck operator who was killed was 44 years old. The occupants of the car that struck the tow-truck were not injured.

WLBT reported on February 12 that an accident in Vicksburg, Mississippi, caused US 61 South near US 20 West to shut down. A garbage-truck overturned causing the debris to spill, resulting in a multi-vehicle collision. A fire truck showed up to help and ended up sliding into the garbage truck. Adding to the damage, a wrecker then showed up – and it also slid into the vehicles at the scene.

WLBT also stated that the icy and cold weather is contributing to these dangerous conditions, especially on bridges and overpasses which tend to freeze first because the cold weather affects both the underside and the overside.

Cold weather driving precautions

While ice and snow are factors in many accidents, truck drivers and truck owners are required to be prepared for driving in bad weather. Proper preparation includes:

  • Staying off the road when the weather is bad whenever possible
  • Having the right type of tires on the truck and safety items in the vehicle such as salt and shovels
  • Driving extra-slowly
  • Understanding how to brake and steer on icy roads
  • Using your hazard lights when traveling below speed
  • Keeping flares in the vehicle in case you need to flag down help

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