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Jul 2, 2019

Merkel & Cocke Client Awarded $150,000 Resulting from Legal Malpractice by Another Firm

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In 2008, Lori Cooperwood (nee Chandler) was hurt while working at Cooper Tire in Tupelo. Like most other injured workers, she wanted to file for workers’ compensation. She hired another local law firm to help her with her claim. The mistakes and egregious misconduct of that firm’s law clerk led to an 11-year battle for justice. On June 25, 2019, attorneys Corrie Schuler and Robert Carson were able to secure that justice for Mrs. Cooperwood, [...]

May 7, 2019

Top Five Reasons Mississippi Workers Get Hurt on the Job

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While workplace accidents can happen anywhere, some industry sectors are more prone to accidents than others. Construction workers are in constant danger of being struck by objects, falling on uneven ground or being hurt by machines and equipment. Police and firefighters constantly place their lives and their bodies at risk. Hospital workers can easily become infected or suffer back injuries from moving patients around. Workplace injuries in manufacturing jobs are especially dangerous. Truck drivers face [...]

Dec 18, 2018

What Happens If I Get Hurt at the Annual Office Holiday Party?

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The holidays are a warm time for most workers. Many companies host parties at the office and at local restaurants. Some companies use the holiday season to have team building exercises combined with holiday cheer. For many, these activities are a lot of fun. For some workers, though, accidents happen which can force the worker to take time off from work, and to spend time in the emergency room and treating with doctors. Common causes [...]

Nov 27, 2018

What Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are You Entitled To?

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Workers who are injured due to a workplace accident or an occupational illness are entitled to different types of benefits. The benefits depend on: Whether the injuries are temporary or permanent The length of time the employee can’t work His/her weekly compensation Whether the worker needs to be trained for a new job Injured or ill workers are not entitled to pain and suffering like victims of personal injury accidents. Wage loss benefits The starting [...]

Oct 30, 2018

OSHA Cites Two Companies for Hazardous Conditions that Led to the Death of a Worker in Utica, MS

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In September, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued citations to two companies – Midway Tower Service Inc. and Bracken Equipment Holdings LLC – for hazardous conditions after a communications worker died on a worksite in Utica. According to, “Midway Tower Service Inc. was cited for exposing employees to fall and struck-by hazards, failing to remove or replace damaged attachments between the hook of a crane and the load, and for not capping [...]

Sep 25, 2018

Pelahatchie Construction Site Explosion Reinforces the Dangers Faced By Heavy Industry Workers

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A building was heavily damaged when an explosion rocked a central Mississippi construction site on the afternoon of September 10 in Pelahatchie, east of Jackson. No one was reported injured. According to news reports, three workers were performing tank welding operations at the Jackson Commodities building when vapor in the air ignited, causing the explosion. According to Mike Ward, Rankin County Emergency Management Director, the top portion of one of the tanks was propelled through [...]

Aug 28, 2018

What Are Repetitive Stress Injuries, and How Do They Happen?

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When you suffer an injury that causes you to lose time from work, it doesn't have to be something as dramatic as losing a finger or breaking an ankle. A variety of businesses and industries call Mississippi home, and no matter what your job is or what you do for a living, it's simply an unfortunate fact that you might get hurt on the job. One of the most common workers' compensation claims each year [...]

Aug 7, 2018

Why Nurses Often Need to File Workers’ Compensation Claims

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It’s typical for many people to think that the bulk of work injury claims are filed by construction workers, drivers and other people who perform some kind of manual labor. The reality is, healthcare workers are among those workers who are routinely hurt the most. This is especially true for nurses who regularly must lift, bend, and move patients. As it turns out, they perform much more manual labor than you might think. According to [...]

Jul 10, 2018

Why Do You Need a Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

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Hardworking people affected by life-changing injuries and illnesses, which can lead to partial, total, temporary, or permanent disabilities, can receive workers’ compensation benefits. However, they should not handle their cases alone. Instead, they should have workers’ compensation attorneys assist them. But why? The truth is, filing a claim for benefits can be a challenge – especially if you are unfamiliar with the laws, or if you have pre-existing conditions, which some insurance companies might try [...]

Jun 12, 2018

What Are Workers’ Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits?

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Eligible workers who are injured on the job may receive workers’ compensation benefits during the time they cannot work. The employer’s insurance company also pays their medical bills – hospitals, doctors, therapists, medications, and other medical costs. Mississippi workers are eligible for these payments, without the need to prove fault, if their injuries are due to a workplace accident, or if the employers were injured in the course of their job duties for some reason. [...]

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