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You work hard at your job and your family relies on your income, so what do you do if you are injured on the job and unable to work? Workers' compensation is a state-run program that provides benefits for workers who are injured on the job or become ill with an occupational disease.

At Merkel & Cocke P.A., our seasoned Mississippi workers' compensation attorneys have more than 200 years of combined legal experience. We use all that knowledge and skill to protect your right to recover the compensation you need to take care of yourself and your family when you are out of work because of an on-the-job injury. We offer free consultations, and you do not pay any attorney fees until we recover compensation for you.

What is Mississippi workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation is a program that provides benefits for workers who get hurt, or who develop occupational diseases from workplace exposure. The program is administered by the Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission, and it is funded by employer insurance policies. In Mississippi, an employer with five or more employees is required by law to purchase workers' compensation insurance.

Workers' compensation includes medical expenses for the work-related illness or injury, a temporary, partial wage-replacement benefit, death benefits for the dependents of workers who die in workplace accidents, and it also covers permanent partial and total disability. So, if a worker is injured on the job and can return to work, but is no longer able to do their previous job, they can receive workers’ compensation to cover the difference in salary between what they used to earn and what they are able to earn now. Permanent disability covers workers who are unable to do any work after recovering from a work-related injury.

Workers' compensation benefits also include a vocational rehabilitation program, which helps workers find new, more suitable employment if they are unable to return to the work they did prior to the injury.

Is there a deadline for reporting a workplace injury?

Yes. Workers who are injured at work, or who are diagnosed with an occupational illness must report the injury to their employer within 30 days, and the employee must file a claim within two years of the injury.

Am I covered by workers' compensation?

If you are a regular employee of an employer with five or more employees, you are covered likely to be by workers' compensation insurance. The following types of workers may not be covered by workers' compensation:

  • Farm workers
  • Independent contractors
  • Domestic workers such as nannies, housekeepers and babysitters
  • Non-profit employees
  • Employees of religious, cultural or charitable organizations

Which injuries are covered by workers' compensation?

An injury must be work-related to be covered by workers' compensation. If an employee is performing their regular work duties and suffers an injury, that is a work-related injury. If your regular work involves driving and you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is a work-related injury.

What are my legal options if my workers' compensation claim is denied?

If your employer’s insurer denies your workers’ compensation claim, you can begin by contacting them and asking for details in writing about the reasons for the denial. If you are unable to come to an agreement with the insurance company, you may consider hiring an experienced Jackson, MS workers’ compensation attorney from Merkel & Cocke. We can help you to file an appeal with the MS Workers’ Compensation Commission and make sure that you can receive the benefits that you deserve. We can also investigate the incident and see if there are any other parties who might have some responsibility for your injury that we can pursue in a third-party personal injury claim.

Knowing that you are represented by one of the leading injury law firms in the state should make you feel confident about your chances of a successful ending to your dispute. Ask us about your injury case. We are here to help you win.

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