Heavy Machinery

Professional Mississippi Farm Accident Lawyers Provide Quality Representation When Farm Machinery Causes Harm

Obtaining compensation for victims of farm equipment accidents

Farm labor is extremely intensive, with considerable risk to workers and others in the vicinity of the work area. There are numerous opportunities for serious injury, particularly when heavy equipment is in use or operated in a negligent manner. When these injuries occur, there may be many questions about liability and compensation for harmed individuals.

The lawyers of Merkel & Cocke, P.A. have the knowledge and skill to assist individuals injured by heavy farm equipment. Our knowledgeable Mississippi farm injury attorneys understand the complexities of these cases and the uncertainties that result. We work hard to provide our injured clients with legal guidance they can trust and representation they can count on throughout the legal process.

The most serious farm machine injuries

Agricultural work requires the use of extremely large and powerful machines, with dangerous moving parts. When they are manufactured, maintained, or operated in a negligent manner, severe injuries can result, including:

These injuries are life-changing, leaving victims to cope with the physical, psychological, and financial obstacles that result. Necessary treatment and rehabilitation is expensive, and victims may be unable to afford the significant costs.

These incidents can also prove fatal, tragically resulting in the wrongful death of a worker or bystander. When these tragedies occur, we work with the family to identify all responsible parties and seek financial compensation through a settlement or verdict.

Who can be held liable?

When the individual harmed in a farm equipment accident is an employee, there can be numerous questions about liability and the application of workers’ compensation. Along with benefits from the employer’s insurance company, there may be a third party that bears some responsibility for the resulting harm.

Our skilled injury lawyers help injured farm workers obtain compensation from responsible third parties, such as:

  • Designers and manufacturers. When machines are inadequately designed or manufactured, the defects may cause serious injuries. The product designer or manufacturer may be held liable for these injuries.
  • Farm owners. If the farm owner is not the harmed individual’s employer, the individual or company may be liable for inadequate maintenance of farm equipment, if the disrepair leads to injury.
  • Maintenance workers. When a company or individual is brought in to repair heavy farm equipment, they may be held accountable for injuries if the work was inadequate or below industry standards.

With 200 years of collective legal experience, our team is highly capable of providing injury victims with quality representation they can count on during these difficult times. If you or a loved one has been injured in a farm accident involving heavy machinery, we can help you through the legal process.

Count on our knowledgeable Mississippi farm equipment accident attorneys

If you were injured by heavy farm equipment, you deserve compensation from all responsible parties. With the reputable attorneys of Merkel & Cocke on your side, you can rest assured that your case will be handled by professional, seasoned attorneys. We assist injured parties throughout Mississippi, including Tupelo, Jackson, Cleveland, Indianola, Clarksdale and across the Gulf Coast region. We also handle farm injury cases occurring in Tennessee and Arkansas. Call us today at 662-627-9641 or complete our contact form. Your first consultation is free.