Motor Vehicle Accidents

Trustworthy Mississippi Vehicle Accident Lawyers Handling Crashes Involving Farm Vehicles

Protecting farm workers and bystanders injured in farm vehicle accidents

As residential development continually expands into rural areas, the interaction between passenger vehicles and farm-usage vehicles continues to increase. Whether transporting goods or moving between farming locations, farm vehicle operators commonly use public roadways. If involved in a crash caused by negligence, the injured parties have the right to pursue justice through the legal system.

At Merkel & Cocke, P.A., we understand the devastating effects these accidents can cause. For some of these vehicles, their size and structure make them extremely dangerous when involved in a crash, leading to severe injuries or even death. When these tragedies occur, obtaining just compensation can prove extremely challenging without the professional assistance of skilled Mississippi farm vehicle accidents lawyers. Our attorneys have more than 200 years of collective experience handling farm-related injury cases, and we are prepared to help you.

Determining the cause and at-fault parties in farm vehicle accidents

Determining fault in any vehicle accident can prove difficult, but this task is even more challenging when the incident involves a farm-usage vehicle. Our knowledgeable attorneys have experience with these types of claims. We have seen farm vehicle accidents on public roadways caused by such circumstances as:

  • Slow-moving tractors and other farm vehicles
  • Wide load transports
  • Large farming vehicles blocking the roadway
  • Inexperienced farm vehicle operators
  • Passenger vehicle operator attempts to pass farm vehicles
  • Distracted or reckless farm vehicle operators
  • Improperly maintained farm vehicles
  • Inadequate vehicle signage, markings, and lights

We know how to determine the cause of your accident and identify all responsible parties, from drivers to farm owners to part manufacturers. We then explore your legal options and use the information we have collected to create a strategy to help you secure the compensation your injuries deserve.

Severe injuries caused by farm vehicle accidents

Farm vehicle operators have a duty to follow the traffic rules for the safety of themselves and others traveling on the road. Driving too fast or failing to yield can have devastating consequences, causing such life-changing injuries as:

Our experienced attorneys have also seen how these injuries can be further complicated by the location of the incident. These crashes often occur on rural roadways, far from hospitals like the North Mississippi Medical Center or St. Dominic’s. It may take longer for emergency medical services to arrive on the scene, resulting in prolonged pain and suffering for the patient and possibly even resulting in a non-fatal accident turning into a tragic wrongful death. We take these circumstances into consideration when determining the appropriate amount of compensation.

More than 30 years of legal experience working to obtain just compensation for clients

If a roadway crash with a farm vehicle left you or a loved one injured, you deserve compensation from all responsible parties. With the reputable attorneys of Merkel & Cocke on your side, you can fight to obtain a high-value settlement or verdict. We provide client services from our home offices in Jackson and Clarksdale, and help the injured throughout Mississippi, including those in Tupelo and across the Gulf Coast region. We also help farm vehicle injury victims throughout Tennessee and Arkansas. To schedule a free consultation, call us today at 662-627-9641 or complete our contact form.