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Dec 24, 2018

Can Compulsive Gamblers Hold Casinos Liable for Financial Losses and Pain and Suffering?

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According to  a 2013 Reuter’s story, plaintiffs’ lawyers are working to show that gambling addiction claims should be handled in the same manner as cigarette smoking lawsuits. The problems with gambling addiction have begun to expand as gambling has moved online. Class action civil lawsuits were used to force cigarette makers to pay more than $200 billion over 25 years. The money is to be used for the smoker’s medical costs and care and to [...]

Dec 18, 2018

What Happens If I Get Hurt at the Annual Office Holiday Party?

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The holidays are a warm time for most workers. Many companies host parties at the office and at local restaurants. Some companies use the holiday season to have team building exercises combined with holiday cheer. For many, these activities are a lot of fun. For some workers, though, accidents happen which can force the worker to take time off from work, and to spend time in the emergency room and treating with doctors. Common causes [...]

Dec 11, 2018

What Injury Victims Need to Understand About Prosthetics

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Different types of accidents or negligence can cause someone to lose part or all a limb – or several limbs. Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents can cause a victim to lose an arm, leg, or other body part due to the force of the vehicles on impact and being thrown about the car. Riders can also lose a limb by being thrown out of the vehicle or onto the asphalt. Infections are another common reason [...]

Dec 4, 2018

The Dangers of Driving in the Rain

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Even when the weather is good, Mississippi drivers aren’t known for being the safest drivers in the nation. Many drivers cause accidents due to driving while intoxicated or driving when distracted. When the weather gets foggy, too sunny, extra-windy, or even snowy, it pays to drive defensively. One common weather condition that all Mississippi drivers should prepare for is the rain. The Sun Herald reported recently that Safewise, an insurance safety group, found that Mississippi [...]

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