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When businesses make products available to the public, they are responsible for ensuring that those items are safe and free from defects. It is always upsetting when products injure consumers, but it is especially tragic when the injured party is a vulnerable young child. Far too many of the products marketed for children are ill constructed or manufactured with hazardous materials. From defective car seats to dangerous toys, these products place innocent children at risk of harm or death.

The lawyers of Merkel & Cocke, P.A. fight for injured children who cannot fight for themselves. We are infuriated by manufacturers and sellers who place profits over the well-being of children. That is why our professional Mississippi product liability lawyers aggressively seek to hold these negligent parties accountable. With proven successes in the negotiating room as well as the courtroom, our legal team is trusted by other lawyers to handle complex cases. Rely on us to help you and your family.

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When a product is made for use by children, special care should be taken to ensure that its safety standards meet a child’s usage. For example, it is highly unlikely that an adult will pick up a toy and place it in his or her mouth. However, this is an action that a child would be reasonable expected to take, necessitating that the toy not contain any toxic paints or materials.

We have seen numerous injuries stemming from the use of defective children’s products, such as:

  • Car seats. When car seats fail to work correctly, the child may be ejected from the seat and out of the car during the impact of a vehicle crash.
  • Cribs and playpens. Defects like improperly spaced slots can create a strangulation or head injury hazard.
  • Toys. Small, detachable parts create choking hazards and sharp edges that may cause serious lacerations.
  • Playground equipment. Unreasonably high play areas and weak railings can lead to severe fall injuries.
  • Clothing. Drawstrings create strangulation hazards, while small enclosures can fall off and cause the child to choke.

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Every year, numerous children’s products are recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Some of the most recent recalls include:

  • Ikea Malm dresser drawers. This product is commonly marketed for use in children’s bedrooms. According to the CPSC, it has caused 8 child deaths due to tipping hazards.
  • Woolino children’s pajamas. These clothing items do not meet government flammability standards, creating a burn hazard for children.
  • Toys “R” Us infant wiggle balls. Parts of this toy may become detached, creating a risk of choking.
  • Tomy Munching Max Chipmunk. Sharp parts within the toy can lead to serious laceration injuries.

These are just a few of the numerous products that injure children and babies on a daily basis. When these incidents occur, our compassionate lawyers assist families in obtaining the compensation they deserve.

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