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Jul 31, 2018

Why Spinal Cord Injuries Often Require a Lifetime of Medical Care

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A spinal cord injury can happen in an instant. They’re often due to car accidents, slips and falls, violent acts, and workplace injuries. Medical malpractice by doctors, hospitals, and chiropractors can also cause a spinal cord injury. For example, chiropractors manipulate a person’s spine. If the chiropractor injures the patient, fails to inform the patient of known risks, or fails to refer the patient to someone with more skill when necessary; the chiropractor may be [...]

Jul 24, 2018

Medical Malpractice and Never Events

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According to a 2016 New York Daily News story, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has tripled the number of legal settlements it’s made since 2011 due to medical error and faulty construction projects. Yearly payments of $338 million were made by the VA in 2015 alone. Medical providers who fail to follow standard medical procedures should be held responsible, if they work in the private sector or if they work for the Veterans Administration. [...]

Jul 17, 2018

Logging Truck and Strawberry Truck Collide in Marshall County

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A recent WREG news story reported that the two trucks collided at the intersection of Cayce Road and Highway 302. The accident happened around 8:45 in the morning. The victim, Brooks Brownlee, was driving the strawberry truck. Brownlee Farms said it would be closing its farm in nearby Red Banks. Mr. Brownlee was a beloved member of his community according to sources. The driver of the logging truck was taken to a hospital. The report [...]

Jul 10, 2018

Why Do You Need a Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

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Hardworking people affected by life-changing injuries and illnesses, which can lead to partial, total, temporary, or permanent disabilities, can receive workers’ compensation benefits. However, they should not handle their cases alone. Instead, they should have workers’ compensation attorneys assist them. But why? The truth is, filing a claim for benefits can be a challenge – especially if you are unfamiliar with the laws, or if you have pre-existing conditions, which some insurance companies might try [...]

Jul 3, 2018

Innovative Care for Serious, Life-Threatening Burn Injuries

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When a person has sustained a severe burn injury whether in a house fire, in a motor vehicle crash, or because of an industrial accident, they often require specialized care for their wounds. Throughout the United States, the health care system has developed a series of regional burn centers that can provide that care. Patients who are admitted to the closest hospital after an accident or incident where they have suffered severe burn injuries are [...]

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