Loss of limb

Aggressive Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Complex Amputation Cases

After a loss of limb injury, rely on representation from one of the state’s largest plaintiff’s firms

While most of us take the use of our limbs for granted, some individuals have been forced to endure the amputation of a limb due after a serious accident. These life-changing injuries require expensive surgeries, months of rehabilitation and a lifetime of accommodations. Expenses pile up and can be extremely difficult for most families to manage.

That is why the lawyers of Merkel & Cocke, P.A. aggressively pursue just compensation from all responsible parties. We understand the challenges that these types of injuries create. If you or a family member lost a limb due to someone else’s negligence, our experienced Mississippi injury attorneys provide you with reliable legal guidance through your personal injury claim.

Legal guidance you can trust for all causes of amputation

An injury like the loss of a limb will alter your life forever. These types of injuries are labeled as catastrophic, because they impact every area of your life.

A loss of limb can result from various types of accidents and circumstances. The seasoned attorneys of Merkel & Cocke have decades of experience helping people who have lost their limbs in numerous types of accidents, including those involving:

Using our vast resources, we fully investigate the injury-causing incident to ensure that we are presenting the most comprehensive and accurate information in your case. Our history of success representing amputee victims included a six-figure settlement for a client who lost her leg because of medical malpractice. Whether your amputation occurred because of a doctor’s surgical error or from a violent collision with a tractor-trailer, our legal team is prepared to fight for your rights.

Seeking fair compensation for amputation injuries

Determining adequate compensation for an amputation injury can be challenging. After all, how do you quantify the permanent loss of a limb? When insurance companies attempt to minimize their financial responsibility with low settlement offers, we aggressively push back. Our skilled lawyers understand the economic impact that this type of injury has on a victim and the family. That is why we consider the following costs when calculating a fair and just compensation amount:

  • Current medical expenses. These are the expenses that have accrued since the initial accident, up through the date of your claim. We calculate this cost by gathering hospital bills and other pertinent medical records.
  • Future medical expenses. With the help of medical experts, we calculate the estimated costs of necessary future medical treatments. This includes doctor visits, treatments and pain management methods.
  • Psychological treatment. An amputation can have a devastating effect on the mental health of a victim. He or she is left to deal with a significantly altered appearance, the challenge of adapting and the psychological effect of phantom pains that often develop in the area of the missing limb.
  • Physical therapy. Learning to live and function without a limb takes time and assistance from an experienced physical therapist.
  • Prosthetics. Prosthetic limbs are costly. According to the Mississippi organization Limbs for Life, the cost of prosthetic limb can range from $10,000 to $100,000. In addition, even the best prosthetics must be replaced after some years of use, which results in even higher expenses over the course of a lifetime.

Reliable representation for complex amputation cases in Mississippi

If a person or company’s negligence resulted in a loss of limb, contact Merkel & Cocke. Our firm has spent more than three decades serving clients from our home office in Clarksdale, while also assisting injured parties throughout Mississippi, including Tupelo, Jackson, Cleveland, Indianola, and across the Gulf Coast region. We also assist individuals with amputation injury cases in Tennessee and Arkansas. Call us today at 662-627-9641 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.