Negligent and Inadequate Security

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Property owners are responsible for the condition of their properties. This includes providing adequate security against known or foreseeable dangers. Whether you are trying your luck at the Island View Casino or cheering on your favorite team at Veterans Memorial Stadium, you have the right to expect adequate security measures that promote your safety and protect you from criminal acts.

At Merkel & Cocke, P.A., we provide injury victims with quality legal representation they can trust from skilled Mississippi negligent security attorneys. Out legal team has more than 200 years of combined legal experience, and we use this knowledge to obtain high-value compensation for our clients. Let us fight for justice in your negligent security case.

Holding owners accountable for negligent security measures when injuries result

Under some circumstances, the possibility of criminal activity is high. For example, a business in a high-crime neighborhood is more likely to experience a theft or robbery than businesses located in low-crime communities. Certain types of businesses, like bars and nightclubs, are also more prone to criminal activity. When it is reasonably foreseeable that a crime may occur on the premises, the property owner has a duty to employ such security measures as:

  • Security cameras
  • Lighted parking areas
  • Security guards
  • Working locks
  • Lighted parking lots
  • Fencing or security gates

Under the legal theory of premises liability, if an owner fails to take reasonable security measures and a criminal act on the property causes injury, the owner may be financially liable. These cases can be challenging to pursue, but the experienced lawyers of Merkel & Cocke have the knowledge and skill to obtain a successful outcome.

Proving negligent security in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas

Negligent security cases often involve such criminal actions as assault and battery, sexual assault, or robbery. These incidents may occur on various property types, including:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Parking structures
  • Hotels or motels
  • Casinos
  • Nightclubs
  • Shopping centers
  • Movie theaters
  • Entertainment arenas
  • Public transportation stations

When pursuing compensation in a negligent security case, we seek to prove the following elements:

  • The plaintiff was the victim of a crime while present on the defendant’s premises as an invited guest.
  • The property owner had a duty to employ proper security measures.
  • The owner negligently failed to meet this duty and protect the victim from the violent act.
  • The criminal act would not have occurred if the owner had provided adequate security measures.

While it may be impossible to prevent all criminal acts, property owners still have a duty to evaluate potential security risks and address them in an appropriate manner. When owners fail to meet this responsibility, we work to obtain a just settlement or verdict. We have a proven track record which spans more than three decades, and we put that experience to work for the well-being of our clients.

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