Mississippi Boat Accident Attorneys

Mississippi Boat Accident Attorneys

Approaching every case with aggressive negotiations and skilled litigation

The beaches and lakes in Mississippi offer an inviting environment for boating and watercraft recreation. From fishing boats on the Yazoo or Moon Lake, to jet skiing and parasailing in Biloxi and Gulfport thousands of residents and visitors take advantage of our beautiful coastlines. While these activities are supposed to be fun, it only takes a moment of recklessness to turn fun into danger and serious injury. When these injuries occur, the lawyers of Merkel & Cocke, P.A. are ready and able to seek justice on behalf of the victim.

With more than 200 years of collective legal experience, our highly capable Mississippi boat accident attorneys know how to effectively approach a watercraft or boating injury case. We have developed a reputation for excellence and believe that each client deserves an attorney with the skill and passion to get the results they need. If you or a loved one was injured in a watercraft or boating accident, trust the law firm with a team approach to personal injury representation.

Recreational boating in Mississippi

The name of the state of Mississippi is derived from the river of the same name, which means "Great River." The temperate climate in Mississippi makes it a popular place for watersports such as boating, jet skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, knee boarding, wake surfing and scuba diving and kayaking.

In addition to the Mississippi River, there are other major rivers in the state including the Big Black River, the Pearl River, the Yazoo River, the Pascagoula River and the Tombigbee River. Area lakes include the Ross Barnett Reservoir, Arkabutla Lake, Sardis Lake and Grenada Lake, which is the largest lake in the state. Visitors and residents can rent jet skis and other watercraft at lake and river resorts, and you can charter fishing boats on rivers, lakes and the gulf. While all these watersports are fun, anytime you combine people and vehicles that can go fast there is the opportunity for accidents.

Boating accidents can include people falling overboard, vessels and vehicles colliding with each other or with a structure, capsizing, catching fire, sinking and flooding. It is important to remember that just like drinking and driving, drinking and operating a boat is illegal in Mississippi. If you will be operating a boat or other recreational watercraft, you might consider taking a boating safety course.

Helping those injured in all types of watercraft and boating accidents

Inexperienced operation and faulty equipment are among the top causes of boating and watercraft accidents. Far too many individuals choose to operate watercraft without adequate training or a proper understanding of how best to safely maneuver the vessel. We help clients who sustained injuries because of:

  • Jet ski collisions with another watercraft
  • Swimmers struck by boats
  • Intoxicated boating accidents
  • Negligent boat operations
  • Improper boat maintenance
  • Defective boats or watercraft equipment

Fault for a watercraft accident may lie with numerous individuals, including the boat vessel operator, the owner or the manufacturer of the watercraft. At Merkel & Cocke, we thoroughly investigate your accident to determine the actual cause and identify all parties who contributed to your injuries.

Establishing a strong case for your boating and watercraft injuries

Boating and watercraft accidents can result in life-altering injuries. Quality representation for these serious accidents requires an understanding of boating laws and proper watercraft operation. Our legal team has spent decades helping people cope with such waterway injuries as:

Our dedicated lawyers understand the complexities of these cases and have developed a network of resources to develop strong arguments for maximum compensation.

Insurance companies will try to minimize their liability and offer a less than adequate settlement. We fight against these tactics with a comprehensive case strategy and exceptional negotiation skills. Our attorneys handle every case with a team approach, so clients get the benefit of our entire legal staff.  We stand out as a quality law firm within our community.

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If you were injured in a watercraft accident, contact the legal team of Merkel & Cocke. Our lawyers have a proven record of success throughout Mississippi, including Tupelo, Jackson, Cleveland, Indianola, and across the Gulf Coast region. We serve clients from our offices in Jackson, Clarksdale, and Oxford, where we also handle watercraft accident cases occurring in Tennessee and Arkansas. Call us today at 662-627-9641 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.