Tire Tread Blowouts

An Experienced Mississippi Truck Accident Attorney Handling Serious Tire Blowout Accident Cases

Holding truckers and trucking companies accountable when tire blowouts cause crashes

Tractor-trailer tires are designed to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear but needs replacing every so often. As with any other vehicle on the roadway, when a truck tire’s tread wears out, it creates a significant risk for serious vehicle crashes and life-altering injuries. Whether the blowout was due to inadequate maintenance or a product defect, our experienced Mississippi truck accident attorneys have the skills to identify each responsible party and obtain compensation for resulting injuries.

At Merkel & Cocke, P.A., we have been providing quality legal services to our clients for decades. We have obtained significant verdicts and settlements for truck accident victims, including:

  • More than a million dollars for a client hit by an 18-wheeler
  • A six-figure settlement for a main hit by a tractor trailer
  • A confidential amount for a man hit by an 18-wheeler on US 78

We have built a reputation for excellence, and our clients count on us to help them through the most challenging times in their lives. Injuries caused by truck tire tread blowouts can be severe, so we commit ourselves to obtaining high-value compensation for our clients.

Understanding the causes of tire tread blowouts

If tires are inadequately designed, manufactured or maintained, their treads may separate and cause injurious blowout accidents. Our knowledgeable attorneys have seen tread separation accidents resulting from such negligence as:

  • Faulty tire manufacturing
  • Tire design defects
  • Improper tire repairs
  • Over-inflation of tires
  • Under-inflation of tires
  • Inadequate warning labels
  • Excessive wear and tear of the tires
  • Negligent tire and/or vehicle maintenance

Many of these causes are completely preventable. For example, a commercial truck owner may choose to install used tires in an effort to save money. Yet, these tires may already be significantly worn, creating an even greater risk for a blowout. When tractor-trailer drivers and owners fail to meet their duty of care, the results can be devastating.

Representing even the most severe tire blowout injuries

A tire blowout accident can be extremely violent, leading to truck turnovers or collisions with other vehicles. The lawyers of Merkel & Cocke have seen various injuries resulting from tire tread blowout incidents, including:

Our skilled accident lawyers have the knowledge and resources to thoroughly evaluate your injuries, as well as the accidents that cause them. We then set out to obtain compensation that covers the medical care that you need for a full recovery. We are one of the state’s largest plaintiff injury firms because our clients appreciate the high level of legal service we provide them. Other lawyers even take notice, often referring their most complex cases to our team.

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